Thursday, April 23, 2009

And Then There Were 8

The Democrats announced their November slate of Town of Rotterdam candidates today. Opposing Supervisor Steve Tommasone will be former town board hopeful, Richard Leet. Bob Godlewski, Nicola DiLeva, and Matt Martin will vie against current town board members Joe Signore, Stan Marchinkowski, and John Mertz surrogate, Joe Suhrada.

I was slightly surprised that Mr. Godlewski won’t seek the supervisor position. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Leet fares. As far as the remainder of the slate, I am not familiar with either of them.

I’m in the final stages of evaluating my own intentions but this is likely my last printed communication on the subject either way.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Town Board passed the necessary resolution calling for bids on the road and drainage work for Masullo Estates tonight as expected. I can now measure the last 4 1/2 years of NAG effort by this accomplishment. It's unbelievable it took this long but I suppose it represents an important step forward and helps make my resignation as NAG Chairman the other day the right move.


I attended tonight's Town Board meeting and delivered what I can only characterize as an emotional tirade. I hate it when I let my anger dictate my comments. Anyway, I think I remained mostly appropriate and conveyed what I set out to. I'm upset about the continued activity on the land parcel I've discussed at length elsewhere. The thrust of my argument tonight revolved around what amounts to an illegal curb cut. I augmented that aspect by revisiting my previous legal argument and concerns. The whole affair is just another example of the Town failing in the areas of oversight and code enforcement. Who will be accountable? Apparently, no one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've reviewed all my previous posts and affixed LABELS in an effort to categorize my thoughts. I hope it makes it easier for those interested in particular topics.

Since readership of this blog has been steadily increasing, I've also added some new links on the sidebar to stimulate more discussion and broaden the usefulness of this blog. Please check them out.

I continue to welcome your feedback.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Open Water

Wow. The open water is still scary. I only used to come out here with my Dad, but now I’m on my own. I’ve escaped the noise of the breakers. Everything is quieter and clearer out here. I can see my goals, the tasks to take me to them, and more importantly, the obstacles that loom in my way. I can still see land too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Building the Machine

I’ve taken counsel from various quarters since my intention to seek elected office has filtered out to the masses. I’m encouraged by the early support I’m receiving as I gauge the viability of an independent campaign. There are still plenty of naysayers too but their input is just as valuable to me.

There are a few paths to choose from as I proceed. Some would make the challenge of getting elected easier. The appeal of such an approach is countered by my desire to remain true to the ideals that have brought me to the brink of this endeavor. Otherwise, I fear I become “just another politician” which I certainly am not. I won’t compromise my integrity to make matters easier for me, already evidenced by the rejection of me by the Republican committee. Nonetheless, there may be an option that allows me to walk a fine line. Easier and harder at the same time. I’m aiming for simpler. People understand simple. I know I do.

I can count the people I truly trust on one hand…and still have fingers left over. When I need guidance, their advice is critical. They keep me and my ego in check. I’ve been burned by people with agendas before because I was na├»ve and misplaced my trust in them. I strive to not repeat my mistakes. I am already wary of some circling my effort.

It’s still early in the process but I’ve begun building the machine. Since machines in politics are typically viewed negatively, I like to think of mine as the anti-machine. It’s a machine bent on serving the residents interests first and foremost. It’s a machine powered by integrity. It’s a machine where no one speaks for me, except me. The intent is to create a new paradigm. One supported by the principles of Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency or what I like to refer to as the ART of government. It’s really pretty simple.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Broader Shoulders

I write this as I watch David Letterman interview Michael J. Fox about his illness and his forthcoming documentary/special about optimism. His book is titled Always Looking Up.

At any rate, he said something interesting and poignant while relating an amusing story. I wish I had been listening more closely but the gist of it was “sometimes we wish for a lighter load and sometimes we wish for broader shoulders.”

I think I’ll wish for broader shoulders too.