Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Those who read my blog regularly know I announced my candidacy for Rotterdam Town Board last week. Justin Mason, reporter for the Daily Gazette did a nice piece on my announcement which I fully appreciate. The link to the article can be found on my campaign website.

Those familiar with New York State Election Law know how prohibitive it is for third party candidates such as me to satisfy the requirements to gain access to the ballot. But it can be done and I intend to do it.

Designating Petition signature-gathering for the major parties begins one week from today, Tuesday, June 9th. Independent Nominating Petition signature-gathering doesn’t begin until Tuesday, July 7th. Since only the first signature counts, it is easy to see the disadvantage placed upon a third party challenger. As a result, I will be seeking the Republican ballot line against those already endorsed. That will allow me to begin my effort alongside the major party candidates. The real fun begins though July 7th, when I’m able to reach out to everyone, especially all those registered blanks that dominate the eligible voter registration roll.

I respectfully ask that anyone approached to sign a candidate petition be especially thoughtful in giving their support. Remember, it’s the first signature that counts. If you desire alternatives to appear on the ballot, then please reserve your right to sign for the candidate that will best support your interests. I’m hopeful that candidate is me. I intend to earn your petition signature and eventually your vote by demonstrating my commitment to delivering a 0% tax increase.

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