Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The year is essentially over and as is common for me, I take stock of where I am, where I’ve been, and most importantly, where I’m going. It’s time to evaluate my progress toward intended goals and reevaluate my priorities so that my new goals are in step with where I’m going.

This year was a rough one personally because of my Dad’s death. I think I fared okay but it certainly was and is different than I expected. Nevertheless, it clarified a lot of life’s lessons that somehow had remained murky.

My awareness and understanding of many town issues has been heightened by my involvement in them throughout the last 4 years, even leading to a contemplation of a run for office, which fortunately has dissipated. Unless Governor Patterson wants to sidestep Caroline Kennedy and offer me the vacant senator seat, all bets are off for any immediate political ambitions. My impact on matters has so far been less than noteworthy and after channeling my effort toward another endeavor, fundraising for the American Cancer Society, I see that my efforts ought to be redirected. We raised our goal of $1000 in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer…a goal I never thought we’d get close to when I set it. My effort made a real, tangible difference in other people’s lives.

I already volunteer my time in other matters, but it seems appropriate to divert my attention from banging my head against an unyielding town wall to doing things that produce actual results. A matching of talents, if you will.

I was thinking about 9-11 recently and wondered where the feeling of unity and common purpose went after the attacks. It was palpable back then, but cynicism seems to have prevailed. The recent ice storm is a smaller example of what will certainly be fleeting good will. Harder economic times are ahead for most of us and there will be great need to step up and help those who struggle. I intend to be focused on what my part in that will be.

So that’s where I’m going. It doesn’t mean I’ll never speak up again on town stuff but don’t look for me to be nearly as vocal anymore. I’m pretty sure I have more important contributions to make next year than flapping my gums on deaf ears at Town meetings.

Merry Christmas!