Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Impossible Becomes Possible

History was made today in the Town of Rotterdam and Schenectady County when the No New Tax Party filed their independent nominating petitions. The alternative that voters have long sought will be available to them in the General Election in Schenectady County on November 3, 2009.

The event was documented in video and still photos (certain to find their way to our website and other forums in short order) by supporters that arrived to witness the formal petition submission. In addition, esteemed TV news reporter Kumi Tucker from News Channel 13 captured complete footage of the candidate’s news conference in the parking lot of Schenectady County Board of Elections which aired on the 5:30pm, 6:00pm, and 11:00pm News Channel 13 newscasts and can be found on their website.

Over 1700 signatures were submitted, far surpassing the thresholds for filing. The sheer magnitude of signatures submitted is testament to the growing sentiment of voters demanding tax relief, accountability, and transparency from those they elect. The support garnered by the No New Tax Party candidate slate is a reflection of the dissatisfaction with the status quo of governance.

Many thought this effort was an impossible task. Guess what? The impossible task just became possible. Undeniably, it was a monumental undertaking. The process was grueling. Success was fueled by the outpouring of support behind each successive door we knocked on. Our effort was unrelenting, driven by our desire to ensure the people’s voice was heard.

Today is just the beginning, not the end. The momentum is building daily and I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to The Albany Tea Party Patriots, The Upstate Conservative Coalition, The Constitution Party, and Primary Challenge for lending their support in making this effort succeed. To all the dedicated volunteers that worked long grueling hours alongside us to make this effort a success, I offer my humble thanks. I reserve the highest praise for the residents we visited and spoke with. Their input of views and concerns, and of course signatures, is the real pillar of the effort’s success. The excitement of potential is palpable.